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The amaMpondo Vol 1


The amaMpondo Vol 1


Authentic, never heard before, sounds and samples from the amaMpondo nation of South Africa.

Get the African sound in your music with this latest sample pack which features over 216 MB of group vocals, the Bokoman horn. ululation, rhythmic vocals, female and male vocal chants. All formatted in 24 bit audio quality for your music production.


Product Description

sampleafrica_amampondo_mapMpondo is a name derived from one of the sons of a king named Sibiside of the abaMbo nation.

It is said that the abaMbo nation emerged from the lakes of a place called Lubhelu. It is not certain which lakes are spoken of, either lake Nyasa or lake Tanganyika. They migrated south across the Zambezi River until they reached a place called Mhlathuze (Now known as Zwaziland).

King Sibiside (who was appointed king while they were settled at Mhlathuze), had many wives and many children. One of his sons was named Mpondo. It is said that when Mpondo was older and left home, he migrated south with a large number of people from the abaMbo nation. He was now acknowledged as their king, and that movement of people changed their tribal name from abaMbo to amaMpondo, who settled in the a place now known as the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Colonialism has played a big part in Africans losing interest in tradition and culture .However, amaMpondo still practice their culture today and are a strong and beautiful nation amongst many others in the world.


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