about_picSample Africa is a project that was established with the aim to preserve and promote the steadily fading tribal music of Africa.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sample Africa travels across the African continent identifying and collecting the different types of music performed by the various tribes. It is through our travels that we have been able to create a library of African music samples and make it available to producers around the world. We have been presented with the opportunity to use African sounds in our music production and in turn, we decided to educate musicians around the world on this special sound by offering the opportunity for musicians to explore the possibilities of using African sounds such as voices, herd-boy whistles, foot-shakers, drums, guitars and various other instruments, in their music.

Through our travels around the various communities, we have been humbled by the humility of those who don’t have much but are willing to give their all. As Africans,  we cannot then exploit the very people who have entrusted us and made us custodian of their music; and their heritage. Sample Africa aims to enrich their lives by making sure that their basic needs are provided for. We aim to aid the various communities through feeding schemes, water purification and education respectively. The needs of each village are different and we have; with the various chiefs; agreed to assist in whichever way they require us to.

We welcome you on this beautiful journey with us and trust that you will be moved. We trust you will discover and explore with us the richness of our beautiful continent.

Thank you for your continued support and trust that this is the start of a long and musical relationship.